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Its always a challenge to document activities, such as operations reports, safety arrangements, ie risk assessments, permit to work etc. Planned Maintenance Registry. Merlin's Oak has been working with Experts to come to a IT Solution to reduce the strains and keep all registers to date seamlessly. This is required to let Site Supervisors or Management focus on the main operation, while Client is kept up to Speed on the progress.


Automation as in any industry is the future. With the Complimentary of Robotics working in situations where Robots serves more efficiently and takes away the Risk of Divers in Situations where Risk is marginally controllable. Although Robotics cant fully replace a Human's Dexterity, It does sometimes can save a Humans's Life. With this drive, Merlin's Oak has been partnering with ROV companies to bring Robotics easily available to Diving Companies. 

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